Professor Barry T. Rouse

Lindsay Young Distinguished Professor of Veterinary Medicine, University of Tennessee


Professor Rouse completed his DVSc in the University of Bristol followed by an MSc and PhD in the University of Guelph. Barry was awarded a DSc and is now Lindsay Young Distinguished Professor in the University of Tennessee. His research focus has been mainly on herpes simplex virus (HSV) infection in mice both with a view to devising successful vaccines and more particularly to determine how HSV causes tissue damage in critical tissues such as the eye and nervous system. Professor Rouse’s group has studied the important blinding lesion herpes stromal keratitis (SK) for >30 years and has demonstrated how multiple events set off by ocular HSV infection culminate in SK. Professor Rouse received a Lifetime achievement award in research by American Veterinary Medical association in 2018 and in Jan 2021, he was listed as a member of top 2 percent of scientists in the world for research citations (Stanford).

Talk Overview

Professor Rouse’s research is in the field of infectious disease and has focused on viral immunology and immunopathology. His talk will also encompass his most recent work in virology, immunometabolism and also the relevance of Covid-19 technology for livestock vaccinations.