Social Responsibility

We are committed to making the EVIW 2024 meeting as inclusive as possible. This is reflected from the outset in the theme of the conference which is ‘working together’, across continents, across specialties, across infectious agents and across species. The whole ethos of One Health is that of partnership and our programme is designed to foster inter- and multi-disciplinary engagement and collaboration at all levels.

The following specific actions have been taken to maximise participation at EVIW 2024.

  1. The conference theme of ‘working together’ signifies the importance of inclusion spanning geography, scientific specialties and species.
  2. The scientific programme has been designed to foster interaction and collaboration between diverse scientific participants and policy makers.
  3. Keynote speakers have been invited from a range of continents and covering a diverse range of topics.
  4. Gender balance has been considered at every stage of the program implementation.
  5. Conference location, accommodation facilities and modes of transport have been chosen to be accessible for all.
  6. Travel bursaries will be ring fenced to assist student attendees from low- and middle-income countries to encourage participation rates.
  7. The LOC will keep summary tables showing a breakdown of the gender and nationality of invited plenary speakers, accepted submitted speakers and other delegates to inform the organisers of future conferences by EVIG group members.

Carbon off-setting and biodiversity at EVIW 2024

The EVIG are acutely aware of the climate challenges confronting both mankind and animal populations globally. Although in person events are critically important to foster new relationships and collaborations, air travel is of increasing concern.

In recognition of this, we will contribute to carbon off-setting and biodiversity by tree planting to enhance carbon capture. Each delegate will be offered an opportunity to make a small contribution to carbon off-setting and biodiversity at registration and a contribution will also be made by the conference organisers. Although this is a small contribution in the grand scale of climate change, the organisers consider it important to make progress in this direction to create awareness and a move to enhance planet sustainability.